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detailed screen of all nutrition information of selected food

For all health goals!

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or follow a specific diet, Quantlife will help you accomplish it.

Lose weight

Build muscle

Live healthier

Low Carb


High Protein

Your health coach for all situations, even offline

Instant, no delays or difficulties using the app regardless of the internet connection

Whether you’re in a subway on your way to work, traveling or in any other situation with low quality or no internet connection, the app’s offline mode allows for full flexibility in its use. It also contributes to quick loading time, saves your battery and cuts back on the roaming costs when traveling. Now, who wouldn’t want that?   

It can do it all!

The only health tracker app you’ll ever need!

Progress Overview

All-in-one place visual overview of all your stats and progress, that will help you form new healthy habits and keep you motivated.

Calorie and Macro Tracker

Track your calories and macronutrients with ease and simply watch as your body reaps the benefits!

Nutrition Insights

With plenty of detailed nutritional information for each food, you’ll be making much healthier choices in no time!

Step Counter

Exercise is extremely important – it is one of the 4 pillars of healthy living. Start by setting and tracking a daily step goal.

Food & Exercise Databases

With the extensive food and exercise databases it’s never been more easy to log and track your daily foods, exercises and workouts.


Connect your app to the Apple Watch, Withings, Garmin and others to sync steps, weight and calories burned.

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